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Why Babe Ruth League?


We know there are many options available for you to consider when choosing a baseball and/or softball option for your child. We aren't going to give you the cons or "sell you" on why other leagues or options are in any way inferior, but rather would offer you a few key pieces of information to consider that we feel set Oviedo Babe Ruth apart from any other local options for recreational or travel baseball and softball play.

  • Quality of Play

    No other area league offers as many teams, paid professional umpires, and although all of our coaches are volunteers at OBR - some are high school, travel, and even professional coaches. No other area organization or travel team can offer as many options for teams, ages, and games within one facility as OBR does. Our league has produced a running list of 14 MLB players, over 75 college baseball and softball players, and 100% of our players whether they go on to play a sport or do a desk job have fun and learn great life lessons along the way!

  • League Size

    With over 720 kids playing baseball and softball this past spring of 2019, Oviedo Babe Ruth is the largest youth sports organization in Seminole County, Florida. You are SURE to fit in somewhere with kids of all skill level, background, and goals; and most importantly you are sure to have fun, and make new friends along the way!

  • Facilities

    Oviedo Babe Ruth's facilities include the Oviedo Sports Complex, which means the grounds maintenance and field crews are provided by the City of Oviedo's Parks and Recreation Dept. Many baseball parks and leagues have to man their own field crews and field maintenance, whereas OBR can offer the best the City of Oviedo has to offer for your child.

  • Coaches

    Our coaches are volunteers, and are doing this for the love of the game and the love of the kids. That said, we offer the most baseball and softball coaches in the area, and a number of whom have played high school, college and professional ball themselves; you are sure to find a great coach for your child at OBR. Each coach at OBR is carefully vetted and undergoes an approval process which includes interviews with our board members, background checks, and general training to ensure high quality conduct and game instruction.

  • Sense of Community

    OBR is truly a family of its own - you will get to meet new neighbors, friends, and soon view them as family when you join Oviedo Babe Ruth. Being the largest youth sports organization in the area, the likelihood that your child will have friends from school, church, and other local area activities on their team and divisions are a given; and you as a parent will make friends, and have plenty of opportunities to help your local community's future... our kids!

  • Proven History of Success

    Walking around the park at the Oviedo Sports Complex you will see banners showing our softball program having won the softball World Series, multiple state titles, and more. As mentioned above OBR has produced a long list of successful athletes, and we are proud to continue building on that history of success... and would love your child to be a part of our future success.

  • Cost Considerations

    Oviedo Babe Ruth features all of our regular season games in one sports facility (other than all stars, travel teams, and some older age divisions where inter-league play occurs). No need to drive all over the state of Florida to find games, no hotels, etc. - all can be played in one local spot which will save you money! We also include team uniforms, umpiring fees, and facility usage in our fee to play for the season, whereas most travel programs and even many rec leagues you can expect to pay umpires and field costs on top of your fee to join the team. At OBR your fee to join the league gets your child on a team, gets the uniform, and they have games scheduled and a place to play for one low cost (as of spring 2019 only $150)!

  • Designed To Produce Ball Players

    Many leagues don't feature the ability to truly groom your child to be prepared for higher level play. For instance, Babe Ruth Baseball's Prep division features 90 foot base paths and a true high school sized field so the 13/14/15 year old players can be ready for what it feels like to play on a high school ball field. Many leagues you still see kids at 12/13 years old playing on small fields, and those home runs you see on ESPN turn into fly ball outs in high school - whereas Babe Ruth is teaching kids to play real ball.

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