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Travel Program at OBR

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COBRA & Cobra Plus Baseball


"COBRA" is an acronym meaning "Coalition Of Babe Ruth Athletes" - and is the next level competitive program for Babe Ruth and Cal Ripken Baseball leagues. Oviedo Babe Ruth offers a thriving COBRA program with opportunities in every baseball division! While regular season ball in our baseball league is fantastic and fun, some players with a desire to play stiffer competition and get more playing time often look for opportunties on "travel baseball teams." COBRA is available to players within our league as an option. COBRA is in addition to the regular season of ball (thus COBRA players must also play on a regular season team), and allows players to play with other players from multiple teams within their regular season division to come together to form the most competitive teams possible! Our COBRA programs are a large reason why Oviedo represents very well at the Babe Ruth All Star tournaments every year, and our COBRA teams have won multiple Championships at Central Florida travel tournaments (such as Nation's Tournaments) over the last several years! Any coach in OBR in good standing can form a COBRA team, simply contact the Baseball Commissioner ( to discuss how to form a COBRA team if interested.

Cobra Plus Baseball

Where traditional COBRA teams are an "add on" to the regular in-park play (an extra team to regular season play in park), Cobra Plus teams use COBRA as their regular season, and do not require their players to be on another team in the regular league play. This frees up player schedules to participate in other more competitive tournaments and invitational competition. Designed specifically for players who are ready to play EXCLUSIVELY more competitive style baseball, and ideal for players who would often begin considering expensive travel programs. Cobra Plus teams are a phenomenal opportunity to get travel team level coaching, and game play - while enjoying the membership, comraderie, and benefits of Babe Ruth/Cal Ripken.

OBR fields at least 1 Advanced (travel) team at each age group from 9U on up. This division features more advanced coaching, game play, and competes against other parks' Cobra Plus and COBRA teams, as well as travel tournaments instead of playing traditional league games. They do not have to play on a regular in-park only team.

Blaze Softball

Blaze, similarly to COBRA, is designed for softball players looking for more playing time, more competition, and high level coaching. Teams are formed by putting together willing and skilled players from the various Babe Ruth League teams, to form a competitive team designed for winning tournaments. Our Blaze program has been helping produce banner after banner for our Oviedo Babe Ruth Softball League at the World Series and others, as players spend their regular season and Blaze season refining their skills and building chemistry, to help compete at the All Star circuits!

How To Join A Team

Cobra Plus, COBRA and Blaze teams are by design more competitive in nature and require a tryout to make the team(s). Players must be members of Oviedo Babe Ruth and be participating in regular season Babe Ruth/Cal Ripken play as well (other than Advanced, which still must be registered via the standard Babe Ruth/Cal Ripken registration, but their Babe Ruth/Cal Ripken regular season games are the COBRA/Advanced games).

To register to try out, please fill out this sign up form today!

For the Cobra Plus division, all managers of Cobra Plus teams will be in attendance at the standard league wide skills assessment and will invite players to tryout further that they feel would be a fit to the team, so all players will be evaluated equally at the skills assessment league wide!