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2021 Scholarship Donation Fundraiser

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As we all know, 2020 has been a very difficult year for many people. There are many families in our community experiencing job loss, hours cut back, and more. These situations create hardship for some kids, as parents must face difficult decisions - do we pay for our child's sports, or do we pay the utility bills? It is the hope of Oviedo Babe Ruth to ensure NO child that wants to play in our league is unable to participate, over the need for some financial assistance.

In a normal year, we would as a league have conducted our annual Holiday Classic tournament as a fundraiser. Much of the proceeds from this annual tournament get used to help children in these situations in normal years. This however, thanks to COVID-19 has not been a normal year for ANY of us. We were unable to put on our annual tournament this year, to raise funds for 2021 for helping children in these situations. It is for this reason, we have launched this page to solicit help from anyone interested in funding children playing ball this spring, that otherwise may not have been able to.

The books at OBR, as a public non-profit are fully transparent. The numbers are simple - the typical $150 season registration fee is nearly 100% used for expenses. No board members, not even I myself as League President receive a penny in funding. I share this with you so you understand the cost involved in a child playing. Any gift is appreciated no matter how big or small, but every $150 we raise, guarantees at least 1 child can take the field. If we can partner as a community, we can ensure the children of our community who may be experiencing financially driven decisions in every other area of life, do not lose their baseball or softball as well.

I ask you to partner with the Oviedo Babe Ruth's Board of Directors, this holiday season, and give anything you can. The proceeds will 100% be awarded to children in need. We are a fully legal 501C non-profit, and happy to provide necessary receipts and documentation for tax deductable purposes for your donation.

Thank you for your care, heart, and gift if you are able, and may your family have a wonderful Holiday Season, despite these tumultous times we are all living in.

James R. Brashear
President, Oviedo Babe Ruth

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