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Cal Ripken & Babe Ruth Baseball League


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Cal Ripken Baseball is a nationally recognized baseball organization for ages 4 through 12, and Babe Ruth Baseball is also a nationally recognized organization, designed for ages 12 through 18. Our park features several age divisions within both leagues, and it's a great time for all involved! By offering both Cal Ripken, and Babe Ruth, the Oviedo Babe Ruth Baseball and Softball League is able to offer a GREAT developmental program for kids of all ages, whether players with professional aspirations or first time players just looking to have fun!

You will see below reference to "baseball age". Baseball age means the age a child will be prior to the next May 1st. So if a child is turning 13 on April 15th, 2021, and you are interested in playing spring baseball in February 2021, your child will be considered 13 since he will turn 13 prior to the next May 1st (2021). This age breakdown is how the national organization handles ages, and while some exceptions can be made up/down upon request, the general idea is to keep kids together by their school peers.

Oviedo Babe Ruth Baseball has produced some great athletes, both recreationally and professional alike - including NFL Quarterback Blake Bortles, 5th overall MLB Draft pick for 2019 Riley Greene, and multiple current and past MLB and D1 college players!

Cost to register for the Spring 2021 Season is $150, which includes your jersey shirt, hat, all field usage for practices and games, and all umpiring fees! View The Coach's Handbook / Rules

Skills Assessments will be the weekend of August 21-23, with teams drafted and practices begining within 1 week of the assessments.

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Name Description Ages
T-Ball Division Players hit off of a tee on smaller fields. We do keep score at our organization and the games are timed to 1 hour each. Our regular season consists of 12 games in the spring, and 10 in the fall. 4-6 Rules
Rookie Division Players face up to 5 pitches off of a pitching machine which throws between 40-43 miles per hour. Score is kept, and the games run 90 minutes each. This is a great progression from T-Ball, where players learn more advanced fielding and begin to learn to hit baseballs as the pitching machines deliver reasonably accurate, hittable pitches! Base distances are 60', and the field sizes at our complex are 200' fences. 7-8 Rules
Minor Division This division is designed to pick up where Rookie ends, and adds the component of the players pitching, and closed-bases style stealing bases (once the ball crosses home plate). Balks are not called as this league is teaching the kids to pitch strikes. Games are 60' bases, and 200' fields. 9-10 Rules
Major Division Introducing open bases baseball, and full pitching mechanics including pickoffs, balks, and stealing at any time (within standard baseball rules), this division puts all the pieces together for the kids to play competitive high level baseball, while still having fun! The bases are set to 70' distances, and the fences are still 200 feet. 11-12 Rules
Prep Division Called prep, as it's designed for the teenagers to refine their skills on a real baseball field like the high school kids play on! Full 90' bases, full 300' fences, and designed to help those kids who have aspirations to play higher level ball refine their skills in "prep" of high school tryouts, while still being a blast for kids who simply want to enjoy some good old fashioned baseball to make new friends and get some exercise! 13-15 Rules
Senior Division This division is designed for high school aged kids to enjoy their favorite sport, if perhaps they didn't quite make a high school team and want to play for fun, or perhaps get their skill level up to try again next season at their school. This division plays other towns and does do some traveling in the immediate area, but is sure to be a great experience for your teenager! 16-18  
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